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Estate Planning - Family Protection Planning

Proper estate planning includes much more than just deciding who gets your stuff when you are gone. At Legacy Architects our estate plans include counseling our clients through comprehensive planning for disability, long term care, and wealth protection for themselves, their children and grandchildren. With a customized trust-based estate plan you can protect your assets during your lifetime and your children’s and grandchildren’s lifetime. That is why we spend hours with our clients customizing and updating their plans, no “off-the-shelf” or form plans here! Learn More Here

Planning For Special Needs Children

No planning is more important than planning for the long term care of our loved ones who cannot take care of themselves. We carefully walk our clients through the process of planning a customized Special Needs Plan for their children, siblings, or parents. Nothing can replace the love and care we provide our family, however, a proper Special Needs Trust can help ensure that all their material needs are provided for, and will protect them from being taken advantage of when you are gone. Learn more about Special Needs Trusts Here

Business Law - Business Succession Planning

We provide a wide array of legal services for family owned businesses, including: Business Formation, Business Counseling, Contracts, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Succession Planning, Business Exit Planning, and more. You have worked for years to build your business, but how do you transfer it to your children, or retire and sell it to a third party? Ask us. Learn more about Business Succession Planning Here

Probate and Trust Settlement

We take pride in designing estate plans that allow our clients and their families to avoid going to probate court. However, if you need assistance probating the estate of a loved one, we are here to help. Learn more about Probate and Trust Settlement Here .

About Us

Why did I use “Architects” in the name of my law firm?  When designing your perfect home, one that reflects your personality and satisfies all of your family’s needs, a good architect counsels you through all the ins and outs of the design process, all while listening to what’s important to you and your family.  It’s a two way counselling process with information and ideas flowing both ways.  Just like a quality architect, we will help you design and protect your family’s legacy by carefully counselling you through all of the options in your customized estate plan.  Step by step we will help you build and protect your legacy.  It will be a co-design process, with you providing information and ideas about your family, while we teach you about your options.  Your legacy will be . . .

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Estate Planning - Wealth Protection Planning
Trusts for Special Needs Children
Business Law - Succession Planning