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Multigenerational Estate Planning

Multigenerational Estate Planning

Most people, attorneys and non-attorneys alike, think that estate planning is only about who gets your stuff after you are gone.  That type of planning only deals with one generation, your kids.  It doesn’t need to be so limited.

A Legacy Architects’ Estate Plan does much more than protect only one generation.

  1. First, our Estate Plans protect your assets and your legacy while you are alive but disabled, and then when you die they protect your spouse or significant other. (Generation One Protected)
  2. When the second spouse dies, our multigenerational trusts protect your entire estate in individual trusts for each of your heirs, protecting your legacy from your heir’s creditors, divorce, and catastrophic illness issues. If your child becomes disabled, the trust will hold and protect the assets for your child. (Generation Two Protected)
  3. If your child dies and your child’s spouse remarries, our trusts prevent your assets from going to this new spouse in the event of divorce or death. It can also prevent your assets from going to your child’s step-children if you want it to. (Generation Two and Three Protected)
  4. When your child dies, you can have the trust hold your assets and legacy for the benefit of your grandchildren until they reach an age where they can manage it themselves. The grandkids can keep your assets in their separate trusts their whole life, benefiting from creditor and divorce protection. (Generation Three Protected)
  5. The grandchildren’s individual trust shares from their parents can come with the same divorce, death, and catastrophic illness protection as their parent’s individual trust share. This means upon their death, their trust share will be held for the benefit of their kids, your great grandchildren. (Generations Three and Four Protected)
  6. And finally, when your grandchildren die, the great grandchildren will receive their share. (Generation Four Protected)

With proper management and financial advice, your multigenerational trust can even grow with each generation.  As part of the Legacy Architects’ maintenance program you and your children can come to complimentary workshops to learn how to best use your trust.

All of this protection is included in one comprehensive trust-based estate plan, all for ONE affordable flat fee.  No off-the-shelf or “Internet trust” can do this.

Find out more at one of our workshops.

Matthew V. Piwowar is an Estate Planning and Business Law Attorney, and a member of the State Bar of Michigan, and the Michigan Forum of Estate Planners.