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Practice Areas – Classic 3 Columns

Heirs | Generational Estate Planning | Trustee Selection

Estate Planning – Family Protection Planning

At Legacy Architects, PLLC, we believe that proper estate planning is really “family protection planning”. Estate Planning should include much more than simply deciding who...
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Trustee Selection

Estate Probate – Trust Settlement

Whether you are worried about settling your own estate and the burden it places on your loved ones, or you are responsible for settling the...
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Power of Attorney | Business Law | Estate Planning

Business Law – Succession Planning

You’ve made it!  After years of hard work, uncertainty and sacrifice, you are the proud owner of a successful business.  Now what?  You have spent...
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Special Needs Trusts

Too many attorneys believe that special needs planning and special needs trusts are only for young children who are currently receiving some form of financial...
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